Save cost and diversify your workforce

At Remotify, we are driven by our mission to help businesses globally to scale and expand your teams in a strategic market that is the Philippines, giving you access to great talents at a lower cost than what you would normally pay in your home country. Remotify is a next-generation Employer of Record solution to hire, on-board, process government contributions, and pay your remote team in the Philippines securely while giving you the option for everything in between. We lower operational complexities for you by eliminating the need for you to create a separate local business entity before hiring and we own up to managing HR, Payroll, Salary Portal, and Labour law compliance for you so you can focus more on what is important: growing your business. All while we help create inspiring moments with your employees and generate a positive impact to the Philippines.
With Remotify, you have the option for almost everything in between: From taking care of your team’s GDPR and security and compliance training; to purchasing your team’s laptops so they can work efficiently; to arranging for their health insurance or even buying them a birthday cake! We can assist you in assembling your perfect remote team while you enjoy the culture of care and friendliness from your Philippine team and let that melt right into your own work culture. We will be your partner at ensuring you can reward them any time.
The best part is that you will have full control of how your employees and business processes are managed! From how much they earn to managing their performance everyday. Think of us as your company's extension to hire remotely in the Philippines. Instant HR, Admin and Compensation & Benefits team? Yes, please. We will be your Employee’s employer on record. We promise we are good for your business, for your employees and for the Philippines.

Good for the Business

Our service allows you to recruit and secure top talents in the Philippines at a fraction of your local cost of hiring. We work with you to adapt or improve your remote-first operations plan and assist you in hiring Filipino professionals who are excellent, caring, and friendly. You can enjoy the benefits of hiring in the Philippines without having to set up a separate business entity. Securely pay your team compliant to Philippine labor laws while staying completely remote. Remotify is your hassle-free, next-generation solution to hiring excellent employees from the Philippines.

Good for the Employees

Secure your team in the Philippines and lower your turnover by never having to miss paying your remote team’s taxes or social contributions again. We know that losing great talents is costly so we are here to help. We also help make sure they are constantly INSPIRED to do great work for you through our unique culture induction program. Secure your employees and your business through our optional cybersecurity training and compliance services. Enable them to work from anywhere, stay inspired and pumped up for doing excellent work. Our service guarantees that happy employees produce better results.

Good for the Country

Be a part of creating a lasting impact in the future of work. Remotify does not stop at helping your business and your employees succeed, but also contributes to the Philippine economy by ensuring that every staff hired and every job created kick starts a beautiful cycle of providing for families, children being brought to school, consumers spending, and helping the middle class and the economy grow. We are thrilled to be a part of this beautiful growth with you and are committed to giving back.

Remotify your team and lower the operational complexities of remote work for your business today!