Working From Home: The New Preferred Workplace

December 9, 2021
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Even before the pandemic, a lot of people were already working remotely and it skyrocketed as more companies decided to let their employees work from home. This led both companies and workers to have a different perspective with this new setup. Those who did not approve it at first became more accepting as they saw the rate of productivity that the remote work setup offers.

According to a report from Citrix, generations who are born after 1981 (Born Digital) prefer working remotely rather than in physical offices. This includes 1,000 business leaders and 2,000 knowledge workers in 10 countries that they surveyed. For them, using technology is sufficient and more efficient for collaborating without distractions. 

But, how did the work from home setup become the new preferred workplace?

How does the next generation view remote work?

Starting in 2020, the major shift in remote work left a great impression on employees, especially the younger generation who are more tech-savvy. Most view remote work positively and even prefer video conferencing and virtual collaboration rather than traveling for work.

Aside from the cost benefits that come from saving money on the commute and office attire,  the next generation also enjoys the work-life balance remote work can offer. This freedom to work anywhere gave them a better opportunity for self-growth in their career and personal life. Moreover, it helps them relieve the stress that you normally get from overworking.

Meanwhile, a study from ConnectSolutions says that remote work can boost the productivity of employees up to 77% which says a lot. This is due to the benefits of having a personal and quieter workplace at their home rather than in offices. With this setup, they are also satisfied with fewer breaks and sick days which brings a positive impact to their work.

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How do companies benefit from a remote work setup?

Aside from benefiting the employees, remote work, if done right, can also offer several benefits and advantages for employers. As mentioned above, this setup can boost productivity to up to 77% which means that workers can accomplish more tasks in less time.

Aside from that, remote working allows a wider range of talent pools. It breaks geographical barriers between countries which means companies have more candidate choices worldwide. More skilled and experienced working parents can also provide better value to their companies as they are allowed to work while watching over their children. This means fewer employees requesting earlier time offs.

We can also note the environmental sustainability that remote work offers for companies as it reduces the carbon footprint of organizations. This has been an issue for years and some companies are expecting to see more positive results from adopting a completely remote work setup.

How can companies implement remote work the right way?

while it’s clear that remote work offers various benefits for both employers and employees, there are still some things that companies should consider. For example, they must apply or even improve their company culture in the new setup. Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • Inclusive work environment. This benefits both parties. As companies can get a larger talent pool, employees can experience being treated equally no matter their location, race, or native language is.
  • Fair pay and personal meaning. Equality bears importance in this generation. Most employees will stay in a workplace that offers them fair pay based on their performance. However, it is also important to let them know about their value and contributions to the company as well as the possibility of career advancement in the future.
  • Benefits beyond what’s entitled by law. Most employees, especially the younger generation, prefer companies offering great benefits other than what’s entitled by law. Consider adding more perks and giving health maintenance and retirement benefits to your workers.

Key Takeaway

Remote work has proved to be beneficial for both employees and employers. This pushes the professional world to prefer working from home over the traditional setup. Despite this, some companies are still struggling to hire remote workers due to inexperience in this field.

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