What traits do you need to be a future-fit leader?

April 10, 2024
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As the corporate landscape evolves, so too does good leadership. A company’s challenges are its leaders' challenges, and in the last half century, these have changed drastically. One of the core issues threatening companies today is longevity. According to research by EY, in the 1970s, a Fortune 500 company could confidently expect to last 75 years. Today, companies on the list do well to last 15.

It’s too simplistic to blame the rise of the digital age as the sole cause of this. Certainly, technology has advanced. But so have our mindsets. Future-fit leaders should have a deep understanding of how the evolution of mindsets, technology and purpose influence a company’s ability to succeed long term. So, what assets do great leaders have in order to ensure this kind of lasting success?

The right mindset

While there is no magical formula for longevity and success, the research undertaken by EY shows that having five paradoxical mindsets can bolster a leader’s chances. Rather than seeing things in black and white, having a paradoxical mindset allows for competing tensions, enabling leaders to think more widely and to their fullest potential.

The five paradoxical mindsets are these:

  1. Confidently humble
  2. Responsibly daring
  3. Politically virtuous
  4. Ambitiously appreciative
  5. Ruthlessly caring

An interconnected worldview

Future-fit leaders are socially, culturally and economically aware. But while they consider people and the planet in their decisions, they are not the only reason. To achieve lasting success, a good leader will know how to make ethically sound decisions that are profitable, too. It’s very much a ‘both-and’ not ‘either-or’. In understanding that everything is connected in a business - whether that’s employees, customers, society and future generations - leaders are more likely to contribute positively while making a profit, creating a win-win working culture.

An extended purpose

The power of purpose has been a hot topic for some time now. But future-fit leaders will go a step further, embodying a purpose that goes beyond the company itself and into the core of who they are. It becomes about the kind of mark they want to leave on the world, what inspires them and what brings them fulfilment. It’s not just tick-box exercises for the sake of image, it’s something they truly believe in.

One thing is clear: future-fit leaders are extremely clear on who they are and what they stand for. Purpose that is ingrained into your core beliefs and who you are stands a far better chance at working, and lasting.

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