5 Steps To Secure Reliable and Legitimate Remote Jobs in 2022

October 22, 2021
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The past years have proven the effectiveness and efficiency of remote working not just for companies but also for remote workers. According to Flexjobs, 65%of employees surveyed said that they want to remain working remotely even after the pandemic ends. Most unemployed workers worldwide are also hoping for work-from-home opportunities online.

However, thriving in the digital world is not as easy as it seems, and landing or securing a remote job can be challenging for many. With the risks of scams, fraud, and cyber hacking, it is essential to take precautions when applying for jobs. To help, here is an article indicating the best steps to secure a reliable and legitimate remote job.

1. Know the signs of a fraudulent remote jobs.

Over time, online scammers and frauds have adapted their techniques to lure innocent people into their fake remote job opportunities. Despite that, there are still some recurring signs that can warn you from them. Here are some of the signs the remote jobs might be fraudulent:

  • Asking you for personal financial information, including your credit card number or online bank accounts.
  •  Highlighting a get-rich-quick scheme or drastic earnings overnight.
  • Has a too-good-to-be-true rate for small and easy work.
  • Requires any fees before, during, or after employment.
  • Commission-based without base salary.
  • The job post has glaring grammatical errors and looks unprofessional.
  • Has unverified payment methods or offers of cheques for payouts.

These are just some of the warning signs that you should be cautious about when applying for remote jobs. However, if none of these are present but your gut is still telling you to stop, then trust your instincts and avoid connecting with the employer or hiring manager.

2. Do in-depth research about the company and see if they comply with labor law of Philippines.

There will be times when you’ll receive emails saying that you’re perfect for their remote jobs and urge you to send an application. And while it is tempting to grab the opportunity right away, make sure to research the company first.

Before you apply or respond to an invitation to apply to a job post, make sure that you are applying for a legitimate job from a reliable company first. Check their website and address, and see if they are officially registered as a business based on the labor law of Philippines. You can also go through their social media pages to see if they are indeed looking for future employees. If possible, directly apply to them using the company’s website or the job posting itself on trusted job-seeking platforms. 

3. Verify the name of your remote employer.

When you see a job posting or when someone contacts you, note their name or email address and search and verify. You can do this by simply searching the name and company on Google. Another way to verify is to search for the hiring manager who contacted you via Linkedin. Most companies and professionals have a Linkedin Profile with updates about where they work, or how long the company has been around. You can also look for them on social media, and see if they have true interactions with connections, networks, friends, and followers.  Seeing social proof is one way to assure yourself that the job, company, and person you are talking to is legitimate.

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Aside from that, you should question your line of communication with them, especially when conducting interviews. Most reliable and trustworthy companies would hold a video call when interviewing their candidates for a more realistic connection. Interviews via messaging and chat should only happen if both of you have verified accounts on reliable remote employment platforms.

4. Ask about a contract on your remote jobs.

Upon employment, securing an employment contract with terms and conditions for job responsibilities, salary rate, and employment duration is essential. Make sure that you review everything and talk with your employer if you do not understand or disagree with things included in the contract.

Sign the contract if, and only if, both parties are happy and satisfied with the terms of the remote jobs. If you notice any red flags that look fraudulent in the contract such as wrong dates, misspelled words, or without mutual consent, then it is time to raise questions or better yet, politely decline. 

5. Make yourself reliable.

If you landed on legitimate remote jobs and think that everything will work smoothly, then it is time to put some effort into yourself. Be professional at all times, and don’t give your employer any reason to doubt and fire you.

This could be as simple as following everything you agreed on upon employment. You should also provide verification about yourself such as verified personal or professional online accounts. Some employees will require your government-issued IDs and other relevant documents.

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