National Corporate Housing Builds Regional Team with Remotify

January 10, 2023
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Remote work benefits both employees and employers, but it's crucial to have the right infrastructure and processes in place for it to be an effective work model. 

Employers will face a myriad of challenges when managing a remote workforce. Traditional employee performance management and assessment may not be applicable in a remote setup, so it’s important for employers to develop the necessary tools that allow them to monitor their staff’s productivity and performance. Creating a strong company culture is also a common challenge for organisations with remote workforces especially if employees are based in different locations around the world. 

In a remote setting, it’s imperative to consistently communicate the organisation’s mission, vision and values while ensuring that daily business activities align with these pillars. An organisation needs the support of their human resources department or provider so that it can respond effectively to its remote workforce’s needs.

A weak or uncommunicative HR provider can negatively impact your remote workforce and the overall performance of your organisation. This is exactly what happened to the Philippine team of National Corporate Housing

National Corporate Housing offers temporary, furnished corporate housing around the world and is headquartered in the United States. As the chief operating officer for National Corporate Housing, Tom Meertens handles global operations while maintaining National Corporate Housing’s global work culture and commitment to clients. Because Tom manages multiple teams around the world, it was crucial for him to find the right HR solution for his division in the Philippines to maintain a standard of excellence in performance and work culture

Addressing remote work issues as an employer

National Corporate Housing’s Philippine team previously used a global  Employer of Record (EOR) provider. This became problematic when their provider started making a lot of payroll errors, was unresponsive and prevented National Corporate Housing from initiating contact with the local Employer of Record (EOR) used to give HR services. Because their HR provider did not own an entity in the Philippines, they had to manage these relationships through layers of EOR services, which ultimately negatively impacted the client and employee experience. 

 “I always felt like an inconvenience to them when asking for support or questions. Their cost of service was incredibly high and they didn’t understand our business or mirror our ethos as we were a ‘smaller’ client. It was clear their focus was on their larger customers driving them the biggest revenues, which we could’ve become if they paid us more attention from the beginning,” Tom shared.

An HR provider always needs to be considerate of their clients’ needs and support them in maintaining a positive work environment, even for a remote workforce. 

There are different skills needed in effectively running a remote-first company:

  • Clear communication - Business and HR leaders need to be able to communicate effectively across different channels, such as emails, phone calls and video conferences. This can prevent miscommunications and misunderstandings in a remote work environment.
  • Time management - It can be challenging to focus on work in a home office where there are so many potential distractions. It’s crucial to develop time management skills as well as provide employees with the tools to help them maintain and even increase their productivity.
  • Productivity - Using goal-tracking apps and project management boards can keep your staff appraised of their individual and collaborative projects, ensuring high efficiency amongst your remote workforce.
  • Problem-solving - Running a remote work environment is completely different from a traditional office, and leaders need to learn how to anticipate and prepare for problems before they become major issues.
  • Leadership - Being an effective leader means creating impactful connections with each employee and encouraging them in their careers, so that they feel a sense of belonging and purpose within the organisation, even if they work remotely.

Receiving support from the Remotify team

After searching the internet for a better solution, Tom found Remotify and was drawn to the brand’s web presence and modern concept. Tom immediately connected with the Remotify team after their introductions on the phone, feeling confident that they’d work well together.

“They offered the level of service we were looking for, and it’s all local. I also spoke to the people that would be providing the services, not just an ‘account manager’ or ‘sales’ type person who would disappear once a contract was signed. 

“Remotify’s in-region service and elevated customer experience, combined with their understanding of our business and organisational needs, really set them apart from other potential HR suppliers,” Tom said.

Remotify prides itself on its human approach and dedication to supporting its clients and their employees, creating a culture of professionalism and heart. This allows Remotify to support organisations in effectively leading and managing remote workforces, ensuring that both employers and employees are satisfied and motivated. 

There are different ways you can improve your leadership and management style when it comes to your remote teams, such as prioritising your staff’s output instead of their activity and avoiding micromanaging their daily workflow. 

Growing National Corporate Housing with a thriving remote workforce

Remotify strives to demonstrate the skills and capabilities of top Filipino talent, enabling organisations to retain highly qualified employees at better costs while empowering Filipinos to have fulfilling careers. 

Remotify’s services have enabled National Corporate Housing to maximise the talent of its staff within the Philippine program while ensuring that the Manila division embodies the company’s unique global work culture.

“We’ve reduced our cost and removed our other supplier. We’ve grown our business by well over 100% with the help of Remotify. Without Remotify, we wouldn’t have such a wonderful and dedicated team working for National Corporate Housing. With Remotify’s support, we are now growing an even larger regional team within our company,” Tom shared.

Remotify is also aware of the common challenges of managing a remote work environment, such as when employees feel isolated and unmoored in their work. That’s why creating strong connections within the remote community is a priority for Remotify. It’s important to promote diversity and inclusivity within a remote workplace, especially since organisations with remote work models have more opportunities for “borderless” hiring. 

In the case of Tom and his team in the Philippines, Remotify helped them bridge a connection with each other and create stronger bonds not only within the organisation but also with the Remotify team.

“Getting to know the Remotify team personally has strengthened our bond. Spending time with our Manila team is a testament to their skills in hiring the right people for our business. With their support, we have a strong level of confidence in continuing to grow our regional presence in a country that was relatively unknown to our business. What started as requiring Remotify service for just one employee has quickly grown to many more as we see their capabilities and the capabilities of the available workforce in Manila,” Tom said.

Developing the right infrastructure for your remote workforce is crucial in maintaining a strong company culture and increasing staff productivity and efficiency. Having the support of a credible HR provider can help you manage your remote team effectively.

You can grow your business with the right people in place. Contact us and we’ll help you take your organisation to the next level.

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