Remotify is Great Place to Work® certified!

December 6, 2022
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Thanks to our people, we’re proud to have earned Great Place to Work® Certification™. Our company culture is our top priority! 

We know that a great workplace is one of the foundations of a thriving business, so reaching this milestone before Remotify turns two years old is incredible and outstanding.

We are excited to share this achievement with you, and we’re incredibly proud of the people behind this success: The humans of Remotify. Our team, clients and every single employee under our record have contributed significantly to our success today. 

The Great Place to Work certification affirms the culture and values we’ve built as an organisation, enabling us to expand our reach and continue providing quality services to our clients while elevating our employees’ work experience.

The Remotify team

What is the Great Place to Work certification?

Great Place to Work (GPTW) is a multinational organisation that conducts the world’s largest annual study of workplace excellence. 

The GPTW team consists of data scientists behind the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” list since 1998. Their expertise and rigorous methodology enable them to objectively evaluate high-performing work cultures. They hold the gold standard for workplace benchmarks, surveying over 100 million employees in the world.

The Great Place to Work certification is a mark of great employee experience, allowing companies to be recognised as an employer of choice. There are three key steps to getting certified:

  1. Launch the Great Place to Work’s Trust Index Survey - We selected a two-week period to launch Great Place to Work’s Trust Index, which is their research-backed employee survey. The two-week period allowed us to disseminate information about the Great Place to Work certification process while encouraging employees to answer the survey.
  2. Complete the company’s culture brief - We provided information about our programs and best practices to define Remotify’s work culture and values.
  3. Meet the benchmarks for certification and get certified - Once we’ve reached the benchmarks, we were able to receive confirmation for certification!
Source: Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work’s integrity and credibility as an organisation attracted our attention, particularly since we were eager to test the culture we’ve built in Remotify. We applied for certification in Great Place to Work Philippines, and began our journey of getting certified.

Validating the success of Remotify’s human approach and work culture

Being a remote-first organisation, we knew how important it is to have a culture that fosters a sense of community and belonging to support all our clients and employees. We want to redefine the workplace to mean more than an actual place but anywhere employees feel valued, connected and cared for.

Our guiding principle is to be good for businesses, good for employees and good for the country. This is the foundation of our overall company mission to "Enable freer lives" through the employees and businesses we support.  

We wanted to move from polite enquiry resolution to connecting emotionally with our customers and employees, creating moments of inspiration. 

We knew that to do this, we needed more than a mission statement — we needed something to believe in, something to unite us and give a foundation for all we do. As an extension of our leadership principles, we've implemented I.N.S.P.I.R.E. as our set of foundational beliefs: 

  • I - Impact - We make our behaviours matter every single day
  • N - Natural – We celebrate who we truly are
  • S - Simple – We cut out the complicated
  • P - Promise – We keep our word
  • I - Intelligent - We use our emotions intelligently to do good 
  • R - Responsible – We own our decisions
  • E - Energetic – We bring our best selves to work

Our culture empowers us to do whatever it takes to create inspirational experiences for our customers they will never forget. 

That’s why it was very important for us to give back to our team, so that they know exactly how well they are doing and thank them for all their contribution and hard work. Being able to benchmark ourselves as among the best in the industry shows proof of the promise and culture we have as an organisation. 

Maria Sucgang, CEO and founder of Remotify, shared that the process of getting certified was a balancing act of readiness, budget and time. 

“We had to weigh the choice of whether it was too soon to get certified, especially since Remotify isn’t even two years old yet. But we wanted to put our culture to the test and see if we can get certified as a great place to work. From day one, we’ve ensured that Remotify is good for all — for businesses, employees and for the country.

“It was a deliberate decision to test our culture, and it was nerve-wracking. If you look at the list of certified companies, they’re big companies. So there was tremendous pressure on our end if we could get to the minimum number of respondents to the survey in time for the deadline,” Maria shared.

The survey was completely anonymous, and while we didn’t receive a preview of the answers, we did see the level of confidence employees had in Remotify executives. The high scores we received across the board were amazing and they validated the company culture we’ve been working hard to build.

Source of data: Remotify - 2022 Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey® 

What are the qualities of a great workplace?

In their 30 years of research, Great Place to Work has seen key qualities that make a great workplace, and it has enabled them to develop the Great Place to Work Trust Model, which is the foundation for their Trust Index Employee Survey. 

The Trust Model consists of five dimensions:

  • Credibility - This assesses the employees’ perspective on their company’s communication practices, competence and integrity.
  • Respect - This evaluates the employees’ perspective on the level of professional care and support they receive from management.
  • Fairness - This measures the employees’ perspective on the equity, impartiality and justice they experience in the workplace.
  • Pride - This appraises how employees feel about their work, and the pride they feel in their team and in the organisation.
  • Camaraderie - This determines whether employees believe that their organisation has a strong community consisting of welcoming, friendly and supportive colleagues.

Our results in the Trust Index Survey show that we consistently perform well in each dimension, and our focus on creating a human-centred company culture has made Remotify a great workplace.

“A great workplace should be good for all, it doesn’t just serve the business but also every single individual and organisation it touches. And that’s what Remotify is all about. Thinking for the long-term and holistically, how we are inclusive in hiring diversely, how we give back to the underprivileged community, and even our impact on the environment is something we consider,” Maria shared.

An employer of choice should provide employees with competitive wages and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. It’s also important to give employees the independence to work their own way and recognise their achievements and successes. 

Ideally most, if not all, team members should feel invested in the company and motivated to do their work.

At Remotify, we serve the interest of every stakeholder, while creating great jobs inclusively — we have employees located all over the Philippines, from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This ensures that they can work 100% remotely, without having to relocate to the city centres.

We’re also highly selective in the people we choose to recruit, so the process is thorough and testing. We only choose people with the aptitude and attitude for the customer centricity we’re looking for — as well as exceptional emotional intelligence. All our training is experiential. This not only helps people remember it but helps them understand the concept of experience that is so central to what we do.   

There are different strategies you can implement to improve your organisation’s workplace culture, such as identifying your company values and creating listening posts (e.g. one-on-one sessions and forums). Accepting mistakes and addressing areas for improvement will allow your organisation to grow and help you create a great workplace.

Why is it important to have a great workplace?

A great workplace results in happy employees, which produces better results for the business. 

Looking closer to home, we’ve seen firsthand how remote workplaces can increase diversity and inclusivity, creating a global work culture within your organisation. The workplace can impact employees’ productivity and quality of work for each employee, so it’s really important for organisations to have a synergetic relationship with their employees. 

“It just makes for a better quality of life, it makes it more sustainable. You don’t want to drag yourself to work in a company that you hate. From a business sense, this is the smart way to do it — having a great place to work,” Maria said.

Our people are the link between the business and our customers. That means we invest significantly in making sure we are an exceptional place to work with an exceptional team of people. It’s not like going to ‘work’ in the traditional sense.

For us, people-focused programmes and activities are a constant driver, not an occasional event. At the heart of the business: Our aim is ‘to encourage the heart’ of each and every one of our colleagues and ultimately to help them understand how fundamentally important they are as individuals. 

Culture is life to us here at Remotify. It drives everything: results, service delivery, well-being and better quality of life. Using the latest psychology and learning methodology, we apply massive rigour to our continuous people development. Culture is our capital, and we invest it in you.

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