Remotify recognised as a successful emerging business in a case study

January 17, 2023
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Remotify was recently chosen as a business case study for the City University of Seattle in Canada, demonstrating Remotify’s growing reach and influence around the world.

Dr. Gabriel Orendain, PhD chose Remotify as the case study for his business students. Having been born in the Philippines and working and living in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, Gabriel Orendain has local and international experience in building corporate universities for the likes of JP Morgan Chase and ABS-CBN, a major broadcasting network in the Philippines. He has a PhD in Organisational Development and has founded a social enterprise that helps BPO employees get their degrees.

He also has more than 15 years of experience studying the talent development needs of employees across all levels and functions and has designed and developed competency-based training and development programs for organisations. This makes Gabriel Orendain more than qualified in recognising Remotify as a growing enterprise with a successful track record and business model.

Why Remotify was chosen as a business case study

Even at just two years old, Remotify is making strides in the Employer of Record industry locally and internationally, championing remote work and the sterling talent of the Philippine workforce. 

At its core, Remotify was built by the founders to create a better workplace and quality of life for themselves, their employees and their clients. 

Remotify is also dedicated to giving back to the Philippines by boosting the national economy through increased job opportunities and helping individual Filipino employees have fulfilling and rewarding careers. They also allocate a portion of their resource to SOS Children’s Village, supporting younger generations to have a brighter future.

Remotify is building the organisation with a human and holistic approach — ensuring that it benefits the staff, clients and even the Philippines as a whole.

“I teach Organisational Behaviour, Effective Organisation, and Global Leadership to business students at City University of Seattle (Vancouver Campus) and University of Canada West for both bachelor’s and MBA Programs.  I see Remotify as a great model for all these topics.  Remotify is a young company that is doing things right the first time on all business fundamentals. Without any hesitation, I brought them as a case study for my class to replace textbook case studies of Fortune 100 companies. I knew my students would learn more from Remotify than they would from the big ones,” shared Gabriel.

According to Dr. Gabriel Orendain, PhD, there are four key points that qualified Remotify as an exemplary business case study to use for his classes:

  • Remotify has clarity of vision, mission, values, and strategies, which is a driver to engage employees. This is evident in Remotify’s recent certification as a Great Place to Work after just two years of being in operations.   
  • Remotify has sound financials, and its business model and projections are attracting investors to the table.  
  • Remotify has great leadership. Its INSPIRE values are not only aspirational values, even the founding leaders of the company walk the talk.  
  • Remotify leverages the strengths and potential of Filipino talent.  

Gaining insight from Remotify’s business model

Gabriel Orendain and his students agree that Remotify has all the right strategies to succeed and be competitive as an emerging business. In the short-term, Remotify’s unique value proposition will make them stand out in the Employer of Record (EOR) arena and their investment in people, processes, and technology will make them succeed long term. 

Remotify had the opportunity to participate in Gabriel’s classes via videoconference, inspiring the students with their own business ideas and helping them gain a more personal understanding of Remotify’s story.

The students sent back glowing feedback on their sessions regarding Remotify as a business case. One student, in particular, gave this testimonial:

I admire that Maria briefly mentioned that she had to let go of a client because they were not labour compliant and not a good fit for them. I believe that as the company is growing it is important not to forget its promise of being good to employees, good for business, and good for the Philippines. 

“Remotify Inc. has adopted the Nadler-Tushman Congruence model which has different components at play such as culture, work, structure and people. However, for the organisation to flow smoothly and be successful, all these components must fit into the organisation’s purpose, goal, and culture. This shows that Remotify values its employees and not only focuses on financial gain.

The principle behind the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model is that each component must work together — from the work and the people to the organisational structure and culture. 

If even one component is incongruent, it will negatively impact the output of the entire organisation. For example, even if a company has high-performing employees, but the work culture is toxic, it’s highly likely that their performance and productivity will be negatively affected.

In Remotify’s case, every component has been carefully considered and developed, ensuring that each one works well together and independently, allowing the business to continuously grow.

Gabriel Orendain’s perspective on Remotify’s future growth

After studying Remotify and its business model for a term, Dr. Gabriel Orendain, PhD has gained a lot of insight into Remotify’s current and future growth.

He believes that Remotify will need to regularly monitor the following factors and how they contribute to the results of the business dashboard: 

  • Culture (Behaviours) - Alignment of employees to Remotify’s vision, mission, operating principles (values), and strategies
  • Talent Management - Acquisition, development, and retention of the best talents 
  • Processes - Efficient and effective management of the end-to-end processes 
  • Technology - Implementation of relevant technology to deliver better results

“There are two indicators of growth that Remotify must continue to include in their dashboard: business results against targets and stakeholder engagement and satisfaction. Their dashboard looks great so far,” said Gabriel.

Looking at Remotify’s current development shows that business growth can be achieved by using a holistic approach. It’s important to create strong foundations for a business, as Remotify has done, to ensure continued growth and success.

Filipino talent as a point of difference

Part of Remotify’s core mission is to empower Filipino talent, especially since Filipinos are more than capable of contributing to the global workforce. This has given Remotify a unique identity as an Employer of Record within the industry.

“I lived abroad for a good part of my life and have dealt with international workers and students. Each culture has its unique contribution, but Filipino workers and students stand out in numerous areas,” Gabriel shared.

Gabriel has recognised the following key characteristics in Filipino talent:

  • English proficiency
  • Hard-working
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Reliable
  • Caring

Filipinos also have unique traits they bring to the workplace, the majority of them have an innate warmth and friendliness and they’re also resourceful at accomplishing their tasks.

Providing remote work opportunities for Filipinos allows them to seek fulfilling careers outside the country without having to relocate. Remotify’s service ensures that remote workers are protected by labour law while supporting organisations in creating a strong remote work culture. 

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