2023 Trends in the World of Work

March 9, 2023
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At the moment, it seems the only certainty for the year ahead is…uncertainty! 2023 is set to be a tricky one for both businesses and employees. After all, we’re still very much dealing with the effects of the war in Ukraine and the after-effects of the global pandemic. Nevertheless, we can make some educated guesses as to the trends that will see us through the year, based on these uncertainties and the attitudes that come with them. 

Here are some of the key issues and trends we think will affect businesses and workers over the coming year. 

Split opinions on hybrid working

As we return to some semblance of normality following the various lockdowns imposed by Covid-19, we predict that there will be divided opinions on where to work. It’s no secret that, on the whole, bosses want workers back under the office roof, but workers don’t necessarily feel the same way. While a shift towards hybrid working (time split between home and the office) may be the solution for many, others who have come to enjoy the luxury of choosing exactly where they work may decide to opt for freelancing over having this luxury taken away. 

Culture on the rise 

Increased globalisation in business has meant that companies all over the world are hiring from a more diverse pool of people—especially now that we’re all so accustomed to remote work. That said, the broad-scale cultural awareness that needs to accompany this trend is falling short. As millennial and Gen Z employees age and take on more leadership roles, increased importance on cultural awareness training and diversity and inclusion practices will become increasingly important. In 2023, companies can no longer be making cultural faux pas without repercussions. 

Wellness gets serious

Similarly, employee wellness will take on a more substantial role in 2023. As discussed in our previous newsletters, companies are being called out more frequently for having performative wellness perks, rather than making substantial changes for employee wellbeing. This year will see companies having to increase their effort to afford workers with fair pay, routes to promotion and opportunities to work from home. 

Leading with values 

If you look at the trends listed above, they all have something in common: values. Companies that prioritise good values over impressive revenues will be a big trend in 2023. Take the 2022 Twitter fiasco as a key example of how drastically public opinion of a well-loved brand can plummet when brand values are dropped in favour of profits. This year, business owners will do well to prioritise kind, sustainable, people-first approaches to leadership—or risk the wrath of the public!

While economic uncertainty can feel unnerving for businesses, if you prioritise the above trends, we believe you’ll be on the front foot for success. And, don’t forget, at Remotify we help businesses use remote work and mental well-being to their advantage. Why not book a call to find out how? 

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