Been laid off? This one's for you

March 9, 2023
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Hey. How are you? 

We’re guessing you’ve probably been better. 

While layoffs have been happening across the globe in staggering numbers, it doesn’t make it any easier when it happens to you. Your situation is unique and complex and it’s okay to feel derailed by the news. 

Whether you loved your job or hated it, we always want to leave on our own terms. Being laid off can have us questioning our value and skills, even though it typically has little to do with them. But, although it might not feel like it right now, change can be magical. And being laid off can give you an unexpected chance to reassess your career and where you want to be in life.    

For anyone unsure of what to do now or what steps to take, we’ve got you. Keep reading. 

Allow yourself time to reflect

You might want to snap into action right away after being laid off, but it can be hugely helpful to allow yourself a few days to ingest the news and come to terms with it before planning any next steps. Any major changes in our lives deserve a mourning period, especially when they’ve come as a shock. Be kind to yourself. Give time to yourself. 

Take stock of your career 

Most redundancies will come with a severance package, giving you the money - and therefore time - to find a new job. Use this time to reflect on the positives and negatives of your previous role, and how you might keep or discard them in a new one. Were you working overly long hours? Did you love hybrid working? Do you prefer a small close-knit team to a big corporation? Tally this information up and keep it in mind when researching a new job. 

Use your network  

Layoffs strike a chord with most people. Either we’ve been through it before, or we know someone who has. Either way, people are always very keen to support those who have gone through it, so don’t forget to utilise your network - either in-person or on social media platforms like LinkedIn - to get the word out. Remember, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Layoffs are entirely common and can happen to anyone. You’re more likely to find the job of your dreams if you ask for it. 

Switch things up!

If you weren’t so happy in your previous role, use this opportunity to make practical changes. If you were commuting for hours, try switching to fully remote work—and make sure you’re getting all the perks of a 9-5. Or, if you liked your role but not the sector, research other areas and industries where you can better find your passion. Now is the moment! 

At Remotify, we help people to get the most out of their careers, finding remote roles that make them truly happy. Want to find out how we can support you through the next stage in your career journey? Contact a member of our friendly team today.

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