“Calidad Humana”: the unique Filipino characteristic that needs to be shared with the rest of the world

May 17, 2024
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The Philippines is a unique country, both in terms of its geography and its culture. Filipino people are also exceptionally unique, but it’s sometimes harder to put into words exactly why this is. For many of us, that feeling of uniqueness is exactly that—a feeling. That’s why, when hearing the former Chilean Ambassador to the Philippines, Roberto Mayorga, describe the Filipino people in a recent video, it felt like he’d finally found a way to describe that elusive, unique feeling.

The term Mayorga coined to describe our people’s quality was “Calidad Humana”. It describes perfectly the way that humanity and care is effortlessly ingrained into Filipino people. He went on to explain: “The people may not be rich, but they’re warm, always smiling, even in their poverty. I’ve been to many countries, but it’s different here. It’s not happiness, not material happiness. It’s something to do with human-ness, compassion, and feeling for others.”

In the corporate world, kindness and empathy are sadly undervalued, especially considering how much they improve company performance and employee retention. In the Philippines, because these traits come naturally to us, we tend to meld easily in any corporate culture, making us a great place to build outsourced teams. Warmth, friendliness, respectfulness, and resourcefulness are just a few of the common attitudes shown by Filipino workers. Combined with our resilience, English proficiency, high educational attainment, and westernized culture, the unique Filipino characteristic of "Calidad Humana" shines through, making us leaders in the outsourcing space and a favored choice for collaborative partnerships worldwide.

It’s so important to share this unique humanity with the rest of the world. In the same way that we export our skills and talents, so too should we be exporting our human kindness. It’s one of the reasons that “doing good” is a core mantra for Remotify, because we believe that remote work is about more than doing good for the individual. It also allows the whole world to feel that same goodness, to onboard the best bits of other cultures and share in that kindness.

For us, one of the best things about remote work is the ease with which we can share our cultures and connect across boundaries and territories. Every day, we’re proud to bring the world a little closer together, sharing our “Calidad Humana” with whoever needs it.

At Remotify, we specialize in outsourcing Filipino talent remotely to the rest of the world, bringing our positive, can-do attitude to global businesses—without employees having to leave the country or their loved ones back at home. If you’d like to find out more about our services, book a call with a member of our team today!

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