Flexible work comes out on top - for both businesses and employees

December 1, 2023
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The statistics are in. The debate around flexible versus old ways of working may finally be put to rest, as new figures from Flex Index show that not only is flexible work here to stay, but that it statistically benefits everyone, from individuals to large corporations and everyone in between.

Ever since the remote work experiment of 2020, the concept of flexible working (the option to let people choose where and when they work) has at times been a divisive one. As with anything new, it takes some time before we can truly trust it—but it seems that flexible work is finally able to prove its worth. And that’s good news for everyone.

Flexible work is so popular that it now works in revenue’s favor

One of the main reasons for mistrust in flexible work is that it will worsen productivity levels, and therefore revenue. But not only have the majority of these productivity worries been disproven, figures are now showing that companies offering flexible work are significantly outpacing those who don’t—by as much as 16%.

The fact is, flexible work is now such a deal-breaker for many workers, that it’s become far more lucrative to offer it than to force a nine to five in the hopes that productivity will stay high as a result.

People are leaving big city centers - and not coming back

Similarly, the normalization of flexible (and therefore remote) work over the last three years has meant that more and more people are leaving busy urban areas for good. In the US, for example, since 2020, around 1 million people have left big city centers—and, like so many other flexible outcomes, it’s become a priority for workers to be able to live and work from anywhere they choose. The best option for companies is not to push against this need, but to accommodate and balance it.

More people than ever are looking for a new job

Whether it’s more time with family, hours that work for disabilities, living in a rural area, or any of the other countless benefits of flexible work, employees are enjoying their newfound choice when it comes to how they conduct their careers. How do we know this? Because people are consistently on the hunt for better.

In the US, currently, half of employees are looking for a new job. This astounding figure shows us that people are less inclined to stay in a job where they are unhappy—they are more vocal about what they want and are unafraid to jump ship if they don’t get it.

Naturally, this riles up a lot of competition between brands and businesses. With the opportunity to win talent at an all-time high, it really does come down to which companies are willing to be flexible, and which won’t. Right now, it’s all to play for.

At Remotify, we champion a remote-first culture that puts your people first. If you’re interested in applying flexible working procedures to your business, why not book a call with our friendly team? We’d be happy to kick-start your journey!

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