Going Beyond Perks: Building a Culture of Psychological Safety in the Workplace

July 13, 2023
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Only a handful of years ago, many of us thought a good place to work depended on the kinds of perks that came with the job. Drinks trolleys, gym memberships and free breakfast were all indicators of a company that looked after its employees. But, as conversations around wellness and mental health have become more mainstream, people are now looking for more meaningful benefits in the workplace. 

A gym membership means very little if your workload is so heavy that you fail to leave the office on time. And lunchtime yoga sessions are an ironic perk if your leaders and managers make your life endlessly stressful. Today, what really makes a company great is a culture of psychological safety. One where employees feel able to express themselves without fear or retribution. So, what does that look like? 

A safe space to speak out

Communication is key in a company where people are happy. Work is not always a picnic, but employees must always be allowed to express concerns and issues in a way that doesn’t penalize them, or set them apart from others who don’t speak out. A good company culture should allow for differences in opinion and always treat people fairly and kindly, no matter what. The same goes for asking questions, admitting errors or needing help. If people are terrified to look bad, it actually increases the likelihood of mistakes and poor work. At the end of the day, people are human and should be treated as such. 

A safe space to ask for your fair share

Asking for a pay rise, promotion or time off shouldn’t be an ordeal. It’s a normal part of the working world, and what every worker deserves. A workplace that prioritizes psychological safety will encourage people to ask for what they feel they need and do their best to make it happen. It’s not a case of saying yes to every request, but creating an environment where it is okay to ask.    

A culture of care and compassion 

Psychologically safe workplaces tend to have one thing in common: they understand that work is just one part of your life. They understand that people have family, friends and hobbies and - even more importantly - that people need time to rest. People should never be made to feel bad for leaving work on time or prioritizing their loved ones. 

Similarly, this kind of care and compassion extends to who people are, what they look like and where they’re from. Employees must all be allowed to feel safe as they are, from how they wear their hair to performing religious practices. 

At Remotify, we’re all about doing what’s best for employees, and helping company leaders create truly great places to work. Want to find out more about how we do it? Give our friendly team of experts a call today. Your team will thank you!         

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