Home fever: Unpacking the latest remote work buzzword, and how you can avoid it

March 14, 2024
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Coined by researchers at Carleton University while running a study on remote work, ‘home fever’ is the latest buzzword being discussed by remote, hybrid and office workers alike. Essentially, home fever describes the feeling of becoming restless, bored or feeling trapped by working from home 24/7. It’s the feeling of becoming uninspired by too much sameness and not enough spontaneity or communication.

Home fever is particularly common for people who make very few changes to their weekly work schedule. It thrives in people who live and work in the same room, for example, or those who practice the same routines over and over again. Thankfully, home fever doesn’t signal the end of remote work. In fact, there are many simple ways to alleviate the feeling of monotony and repetition.

How your personality affects your preferred ways of working

It’s useful, when thinking about the kind of work routine you want to practice, to have a good understanding of your personality. For example, it’s more common for introverted personalities to feel content working from home with fewer interpersonal interactions than it is for extroverts, who might feel happier with more conversations and face-time. If you know yourself to be more of an extrovert, it’s a good idea to input some more social elements into your work week to make sure you don’t feel lonely or cut off from your colleagues.

So, how do we avoid succumbing to home fever?

Plan where you want to work in advance

While it might be tempting to roll out of bed on remote work days and work at the first spot you come to, it’s better to think in advance about where the most suitable, productive or inspiring place is. If you hate the idea of working and living in the same room, avoid places like the living room or kitchen where you typically retire after the work day is over. Instead, opt for an office area or bedroom...but try not to work from the bed itself!

Alternatively, if it’s the repetition of the environment that makes you feel deflated, switch up the rooms you work from each day. Just make sure that each room is equipped and suitable for a full day at work.

Get out—often

Aim to get out of the house before, during and after work. It might sound like a lot, but it’s what you’d typically do if you were working from an office. These excursions don’t need to be long. It would be a quick walk around the block, a coffee stop, or some morning stretches outside. The more you get out, the less time you spend in the same spot, reducing your chances of getting home fever.

Finish on time

Easier said than done, but you have to get strict with work hours when practicing remote work. In an office, there is always a moment when you shut your laptop off for good and leave the working day behind. This must also be the case when working remotely. Try your hardest not to let work bleed into your personal time. Turn that laptop off, put your work phone in a drawer and get some much-needed you time.


If every day is starting to feel the same, try organizing more spontaneous, casual catch ups with your colleagues. A big part of what people miss when working remotely is that ‘office chatter’ that happens naturally over the course of a day. Often, online catch ups can make us feel just as fulfilled, but we are responsible for planning them and seeing them through.

Consider a coworking space

And for those people who feel like home fever is something they can’t shake when at home, try spending a day or two out of your week working in a coworking space or cafe. Many of them work on a drop-in basis, so you can just pop in when you’re feeling particularly sick of your own four walls!

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