How to beat holiday burnout

March 9, 2023
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Twinkling lights, delicious food and - for many of us - a whole lot of stress! 

Yes, it’s no secret that Christmas can be joyful and painful in equal parts. After all, it’s expensive, it’s family-oriented (upsetting for many for all sorts of reasons) and - depending on where you are in the world - it’s cold, dark and gloomy. 

In fact, it’s expected that around 80% of us will find the upcoming holiday period at least “somewhat” stressful, according to recent research. And with expectations to feel festive and have everything wrapped up work-wise in time for the new year, it can lead to our old friend: burnout. 

With burnout, it’s best to catch it before it takes hold. So, we’ve collated our top tips on how to beat the holiday burnout BEFORE it spoils your Christmas! 

1. Plan ahead

Alright, we know it’s halfway through December, but there is still time to gather your thoughts, chores and anything else into some kind of order. Make a list of everything you still need to do and prioritise it. Are there work tasks that can wait until the new year? Is there an evening in your calendar you can dedicate to buying gifts and supplies? If possible, sooner rather than later will ease your mental headspace. 

2. Set expectations 

If you are concerned about the festive period financially, don’t be afraid to let your loved ones know that gifts will be either homemade or just for fun this year. Everyone is feeling the pinch and there is no point in getting into debt over presents. People will understand—and likely take your lead!

3. Take some “me” time

The social side of Christmas time can be overwhelming. The house is packed and we’re under pressure to be jolly round the clock. So make sure you’re finding pockets of time to be by yourself in an environment where you can either relax, rest or just be alone with your thoughts.  

4. “Out of office” means out of office!

Once you’ve logged off for the holidays, try to resist the temptation to check your work emails or continue to work when you should be on leave. It’s the one time of year that nearly everyone is taking the same break, so take advantage of it! No one should be expecting you to ignore your much-needed time off. 

Remember, one of the most effective ways to avoid burnout is to communicate with others that you’re struggling. You can rarely work or plan your way out of burnout. It requires rest, support and time to get better. Reach out to relevant people and you’ll be surprised how much people are willing to help. Tis’ the season of giving, after all! 

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