How you can end the year on a good note, financially and culturally

December 13, 2023
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The end of the year is a great time for any business to both plan and reflect. Looking back over the previous twelve months is a great way to take stock of how things are going, see if your choices have paid off, and think about what you can take and leave in the new year.

But it’s not enough just to think about these things. To truly make a difference in the year ahead and learn from any errors you might’ve made, you need to make tangible plans and keep accurate records.

We’ve taken a look at a few helpful things you should do this December to make sure you end the year on a great note, whether that’s improving your financial outlook or boosting your workplace culture.

Create a roadmap for the year ahead

The key to a great business roadmap is to be detailed and transparent. Create a roadmap that is driven by financial targets (try to make these both realistic and challenging), periods of expansion, as well as expected wins and important calendar moments or anniversaries that are relevant to your business.

Don’t take your foot off the pedal just yet

Look, we get it: December always feels like a time to wind down. The phrase “let’s circle back in January” gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to your exit rate, slowing down is never a great idea. Throughout December, keep pushing to deliver on your predicted exit rate, as it will be a core factor in how you begin the year. In short: keep selling, and begin the year ahead on a strong note.

Hold a retrospective session

Learning is just as important as planning, so it’s a great idea to hold a session with your whole team where you go over the last twelve months. Ask people to raise things you might’ve done better, and focus on those times when things became a little tricky. As long as you’re focusing on how you can use these moments to improve, it’s no bad thing to shine a light on the difficult times.

Celebrate your wins!

In that same session, however, make sure you’re also celebrating all the things you did right: new client wins, staff promotions, and memorable moments where people went above and beyond. Taking the time to give props to your people is one of the best ways to boost morale and create a positive company culture for the year ahead. Make people excited to come back in January!

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