2022 Reflection: Enabling Freer Lives Through Remote Work

March 9, 2023
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There was a time - not so long ago - when it was in vogue to work yourself to the bone, to give everything you had to your job at the expense of everything else. “Eat, sleep, work, repeat” and “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” were phrases people actually lived by, as though forgoing all other pleasures was something to be admired. 

The last two years, however, have shifted things. For many, the global remote work phenomenon as a result of the pandemic was a breath of fresh air…or a slap in the face, depending on how you look at it. 

The point is, it made us realise how much we’d been missing. For workers and business owners, it made us realise that, actually, being absent from your personal life 90% of the time wasn’t admirable, but kind of sad? Or that living in your office wasn’t glamorous, but exhausting. 

In a nutshell, it made us realise that there is more to life than work. 

Remote work gave us back the freedom that many of us forgot was possible. We had become so used to the idea that we should squeeze family and leisure time into the weekends - or worse, retirement - that all this free time actually felt a bit, well, guilty! 

But a healthy work-life balance isn’t lazy, it’s crucial.  

Despite the hardship that the pandemic brought, many of us - and we at Remotify include ourselves in this - are extremely grateful for this change in perception. Our company was created out of it, and we’ve been able to give that same freedom to countless people since our inception and will continue to do so in the years ahead. 

In some countries like the Philippines, commuting times can reach upwards of four hours every day. That’s 20 hours a week spent not working, but not living life either. Is it necessary? With today’s remote working technology, the simple answer is: no. 

But that’s only half the issue. For anyone trying to launch or scale a small-to-medium business, the nature of hiring remote workers comes with its own wealth of difficulties. The legalities and administrative checklists are long and complex. Managing all this outsourcing alone will quickly eat into your day and, pretty soon, your quality of life.

The issue, therefore, is not just about accepting remote work, but having the right tools and support to truly embrace it.

Because - like it or not - remote work isn’t going anywhere, and people would be foolish to think the desire for a better work-life balance will just fade away in time. We’ve had a taste of that balance, and now we want to keep it. 

We, therefore, need to start taking remote work seriously, tailoring our methods to ensure they work for everyone—whether you’re a business owner wanting support with outsourcing complexities or scaling your SME, or a freelance worker who wants the benefits and security of a normal corporate setup, with the freedom to work from anywhere you choose. 

The support to do this - and do this well - is out there. And trust us when we say: remote work isn’t the headache you think it is. 

Want to find out how we at Remotify can take your business or career to the next level through remote work? Get in touch with a member of our friendly team in 2023!

See you on the other side. Have an awesome New Year!

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