Set yourself up for success in 2024

December 28, 2023
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We all like to make New Year’s resolutions for our personal lives, but what about our businesses? To make sure you get off on a great foot in 2024, we’ve compiled a handy list of ways you can set yourself up for success in the new year, pulled from the infinitely useful book Traction: Get a grip on your business, by Gino Wickman.

This book is a staple favorite here at Remotify and has some particularly great lessons for improving your business model for the year ahead. Here, we’ve cherry-picked some of our most-used lessons.

Lesson one: Vision

"Vision without traction is merely hallucination." — Gino Wickman

Vision should be at the core of any successful company, but it needs to be more than just wishful thinking or vague aspirations. Make sure you’ve written up a vision statement that encapsulates your core values, purpose, and long-term goals in the new year. Then, regularly communicate this vision to ensure alignment and motivation across your organization.

Lesson two: People

"You can't build a great company without great people." — Gino Wickman

When hiring, it’s important that you choose people for their character, not just their skills. Skills can be taught, but finding and hiring a values aligned person is a must. Also, don’t assume the right person for the job will inevitably stay the right person. Continue to evaluate whether individuals align with your company's culture and possess the necessary skills for their roles.

Lesson three: Data

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." — W. Edwards Deming

Company data is completely invaluable. As such, you want to make sure you’re implementing a scorecard system to track and analyze key metrics crucial to your business. You can then use these metrics to make informed decisions and drive improvements within the organization. Not being data-driven across all functions means that you’re relying on luck. Don’t make decisions blindly. Rely on the scientific process.

Lesson four: Issues

"Problems get solved by people who become great at finding solutions." — Gino Wickman

Healthily solving conflict and issues is a hugely important skill for any company. In the new year, try to cultivate a culture where issues are openly discussed and addressed and where creative abrasions are welcome. Focus on identifying root causes and implementing lasting solutions rather than quick fixes. Create a safe environment where it becomes second nature to everyone on the team.

Lesson five: Process

"The secret to success is to systemize your business." — Gino Wickman

To make sure everyone in the business has a firm grasp of them, make sure you identify and document core processes in a way that is clear and accessible to anyone who needs them. But don’t rest on old processes if they require a tune-up. Continuously refine and optimize these processes to enhance efficiency and reduce errors. Think of processes like an engine where you need to regularly check that everything’s in working order.

Lesson five: Traction

"Accountability breeds response-ability." — Stephen Covey

Keep traction and momentum moving forward by structuring effective meetings using the "Level 10 Meeting" format to drive accountability and action. It’s also recommended that you set clear quarterly goals (rocks) and hold individuals accountable for their commitments to enable your company's vision. Organization and accountability really do go a long way towards achieving your goals as a business.

At Remotify, we partner with businesses that want to grow and achieve their goals, from anywhere in the world. Want to chat about how we can help you scale while managing remote teams? Book a call with our friendly team. We’d be happy to help!

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