The globalization of work and how you can benefit from it

June 28, 2023
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As technology becomes smarter and more widely accessible, the world of work is becoming increasingly borderless. We call this process globalization, and it’s only set to become more commonplace as the myriad of benefits present themselves. In the last three years alone, under the restrictions of various lockdowns, we have made astounding progress with remote work, a practice that goes hand in hand with globalization. But it’s not just about working remotely, globalization comes with a host of positive outcomes that stand to transform the way we work, hire and live, long into the future. 

Hiring the best talent for the job 

Only a decade ago, it was difficult to hire someone from a different city, let alone a different country. Globalization changes that. Naturally, by opening up the hiring process to what is essentially the whole world, you inevitably start to build better teams. Without being confined to hiring talent that is nearby, you can choose the person who has the best experience, personality and ambition. 

Leveling the playing field   

Confining your recruitment efforts to your city or country also significantly reduces the opportunity to hire people who may be part of a minority. The requirement for people to be in an office five days a week can often exclude anyone with a physical or mental diversity, as well as anyone who struggles to pay travel costs or simply lives outside of a major city or in a country that is geographically isolated. These things do not make anyone less talented, and through globalization, we’re able to give everyone an equal chance to succeed, based purely on their skills and passions. What’s more, recruiting overseas talent allows companies to hire people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions, bringing diversity of thought and cultural nuance to a company.     

Enabling better business continuity 

The Covid-19 pandemic was an excellent example of how globalization and flexibility can help keep a business thriving, even in difficult and disruptive times. By arming ourselves with the tools to function completely virtually, as well as having teams from across the world working for a sole cause, we inevitably create a robust business continuity plan that doesn’t fall apart if a single thing goes wrong. For example, if a natural disaster occurs in a country where your sole team resides, it could be chaotic to keep things running under that kind of pressure and disorder. However, if you have teams and employees all over the world, it becomes much easier to switch responsibilities and keep things running smoothly.

Smoother, simpler processes

It might seem like a simpler option to stay local, but globalization can actually simplify a company’s logistics—especially if you have the right support. When embracing remote work and global ways of working, it’s hugely useful to have an employer of record (like us at Remotify!) when outsourcing to handle the bulk of the complexities for you. An employer of record can manage everything from payroll management to HR services and even team engagement, leaving you to focus on what you do best. 

Want to take the leap towards becoming a truly global company? Remotify can help you do just that with our employer of record service. Why not give our friendly team a call today? We’ll talk you through all the benefits and get you up and running.    

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