The rise in ‘hush-cations’: what are they and why are they problematic?

June 7, 2024
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Since the global shift to remote and hybrid work, have you ever taken a day off without officially using it as a holiday? Well, you’re not alone. The trend of taking a ‘hush-cation’, as they’ve been coined, is on the rise, causing concern among employers and teams alike.

So, what exactly is a hush-cation?

A hush-cation is essentially working from a place where your employer and colleagues do not expect you to be, and where you might not be able to properly do your job. This could be on a trip, holiday or during an event.

Why are hush-cations on the rise?

In an office environment, you couldn’t begin to get away with a hush-cation. You were either in the office, or officially away from it. But since the rise in hybrid and remote work, there are more gray areas when it comes to how and where you work, giving people more opportunity to move the goalposts.

The root cause of hush-cations are more complex, however. While there will always be a few who take them because they just want more time off, for the majority of people, there are wider problems at play. Things like overwork, burnout and lack of mental health support can all contribute to people taking vacations off the books. Similarly, when there is little trust, compassion and support between a company and its employees, workers are far more likely to cheat the system without guilt.

In short, hush-cations are a result of poor company culture and communication.

Why are hush-cations problematic?

Now, you might be thinking, well, as long as someone’s still doing their job, what’s the problem? Well, therein lies the problem: usually, people aren’t working to the level they would normally. Hush-cations are not the same as being a digital nomad, or even working from a foreign country for a while. They’re a way to disguise a holiday as a working day, which leaves employers - but also teammates - without proper support.

What to do instead of taking a hush-cation

Avoiding hush-cations isn’t as mundane as you might think. Often, you’d be surprised just how much a company is willing to support you if you are honest and transparent. For example, if you’re feeling burnt out or overworked, a much better long-term solution is to raise this formally with your employer. That way they can either share your workload among your peers, figure out a way to help you manage better at work, or even sign you off for some proper burnout leave.

Or, if what you’re after is the ability to work from abroad, most companies these days are happy to let you do this if your role allows for it. Again, it’s all about being honest. That way, you can be a digital nomad without hiding your adventures or feeling guilty about where you are in the world.

If you foster a culture of honesty and support, the need to take a hush-cation is all but eliminated!

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