The Top 5 Work Trends to Watch For in 2024

March 28, 2024
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As we settle into 2024, new trends are constantly emerging in the world of work. While AI, automation and cybersecurity might sprint to mind, surprisingly, many of the trends making the most difference in our daily lives are far more human-centric. In a post-pandemic world, cultural opinion on work, workforce and the workplace has shifted irreversibly, and we’re only now seeing exactly how that looks for individuals and businesses. The good news? The five biggest work trends of 2024, researched by the World Economic Forum, are all focused on creating better, fairer places to work. So, what should we be looking out for, and what might we want to implement in our own companies?

Hybrid work is becoming even more flexible

One of the most popular trends to come out of the pandemic was hybrid work, with many workers seeing this as a dealbreaker, only choosing to work for companies that have a hybrid policy in place. However, hybrid work may be about to get more flexible still, as “in-person” meetings will no longer tend to take place in an office environment, but will be held at offsite locations such as co-working spaces, conferences, or even cafes.

A pushback against 'workism'

In 2024 and beyond, the act of workism (where people build their lives mainly around their jobs and expect their careers to provide things it can’t, like community or meaning) will become increasingly less popular. Instead, people will prioritize a healthier work-life harmony, where careers are not positioned as your only source of value.

A shift in leadership style as millennials and Gen Z ‘come of age’

As Gen Z and millennial workers get older, we can expect to see more and more of them in decision-making, leadership and c-suite roles. This will likely bring about a change in leadership styles, with Gen Z and millennials typically favoring more informal communication, putting more value on work-life harmony and opting for flexible working styles. Baby boomers, for example, value loyalty more than Gen Z and millennials, so we may see a shift from the ‘work family’ to one that feels less obliged to remain in a role if they’re not entirely satisfied.

Care, compassion and equity are on the rise

That said, with the rise of Gen Z and millennials comes a greater onus on leading and working with kindness at the helm. We can expect to see an even greater rise in caregiving, mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion and equity in the workplace. It is also no longer enough to pay lip service or make promises around doing better, these generations are all about proof and results, whether that’s sustainability practices or gender pay gaps.

A rise in living a ‘portfolio life’

Rather than pitting life and work against each other, a portfolio life is a new way to think about and implement work-life balance. A portfolio life distributes time and talent across a range of activities, like work, family, health, community hobbies and rest. It’s all about encouraging people to have a multitude of interests in order to lead more fulfilling, creative lives. According to the Future of Jobs report, creative thinking remains one of the most prized traits by employers, but it also enables workers to live and feel better.

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