"The workplace” as we know it has changed. So, what makes a great workplace today?

November 2, 2023
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The ‘workplace’ is an ever-evolving thing. In the last three years, it’s gone through prolific changes, moving from a typically office-based set-up to a hybrid (or completely remote) place. But it’s not just the whereabouts of the workplace that’s changing. The very premise of what we consider to be a ‘good’ workplace is going through a similar transformation. The pandemic, alongside an increase in mental health awareness and a desire for a better work-life balance, has meant that what we value at work is inherently different.

Approaches to business, leadership and culture that are more human-centric are proving popular. The ideal workplace isn’t just somewhere that succeeds financially—it’s somewhere that feels trustworthy, compassionate, inclusive and fair. It’s no longer commonplace to have feelings of dread at the thought of work on Monday, or to accept unfair treatment from colleagues and leaders. And it’s up to the companies themselves to make sure that’s the case.

With all that in mind, what are the core traits that make a truly great place to work?

Camaraderie between colleagues

The people we work with can make or break a job. Surround yourself with positive, kind people who allow you to be yourself, and the work itself hardly matters. Camaraderie between colleagues can look like being welcoming to newcomers, sharing the burden of a big task, or making an effort to celebrate someone else’s wins.

Credible leadership

How a company’s senior team behaves is a reference point for how the rest of the team should act. That’s why it’s so important for leaders and managers to have trust in - and be approachable to - their subordinates.

Fair treatment for everyone

Fairness in the workplace isn’t about giving everyone the same opportunities, it’s about recognising where different people need more access to opportunities than others. It’s about understanding the unconscious biases we might have and working to undo them. It’s about creating a culture of inclusiveness—one that strives for real equity.

A shared sense of pride

An obvious sign of a great place to work? Whether your employees would recommend working there to others. Your people should be proud of what you do, and proud to be part of your team. They should want to work at your company for a long time and, subsequently, you should be creating an environment that allows people to do so.

Mutual respect

Above all, a great place to work is somewhere where people feel respected. It should be a place where people feel safe and able to speak their minds and voice their concerns. Fear, discrimination and deception have no place in a good workplace—and will be stamped out when found.

At Remotify, we’re all about doing what’s best for employees, and helping company leaders create truly great places to work. Want to find out more about how we do it? Give our friendly team of experts a call today. Your team will thank you!

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