Working Remotely? Let’s Get Visible

March 29, 2023
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Although remote work comes with a ton of benefits, both for employees and business leaders, there are inevitable issues that we come up against when making the decision to work from home. Mostly around visibility. 

When it comes to job progression, many of us are worried that remote work puts us at a disadvantage. In fact, according to a study by ASA and the Harris Poll, 56% of respondents believed those who work in the office 100% of the time have an advantage in getting raises, bonuses and promotions compared with those who work remotely 100% of the time. 

But, according to this feature by Forbes, it’s not actually about time spent in the office. It’s about visibility. And, thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stay visible, no matter where you choose to work. 

Here are our top tips on how you can stand out as a remote employee.  

Build Relationships

Thankfully, these days, more importance is being put on character in the workplace. Hiring for people’s personalities and values is taking precedence over hiring purely for skills. In short: we value nice people! It goes without saying that great people get noticed more, so try to widen your net of work friends, help people who might need it, and generally bring great energy to work each day. People will notice. Trust us. 

Be Present  

We won’t lie, sometimes, when it comes to remote work, you’ll have to put in more effort to be visible. But we think this is a small price to pay for the freedom to live and work anywhere! Nevertheless, to boost your visibility, make sure your email or message response times are quick, get involved and offer opinions in wider conversations and generally make yourself heard in your organisation. We’re not saying you need to break your back going above and beyond, but, if there are additional activities or exercises you can volunteer yourself for that are within your capacity, we say go for it!  

Be Driven 

Lastly and most importantly, be driven in your role. The most meaningful way you can be and remain visible in your remote career is by doing amazing work that can’t help but be noticed by those around you. Give thought to how you can make your projects that little bit slicker, or your processes that little bit more efficient. Alongside this, don't be afraid to self-promote sometimes. If you’ve done a useful piece of work, share it with your peers and make it known. Don’t dim your shine just to be modest. You can bet the people around you won’t! Celebrate your successes. 

At Remotify, we’re big believers in remote work and don’t think it should hold anyone’s career or business back. If you’re interested in making the switch to remote work, why not give us a call? We can help you streamline the process and much more.  

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