How Does A Positive Work From Home Culture Impact Productivity?

November 4, 2021
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Due to the demanding nature of businesses in different industries, a lot of companies have a cut-throat, strict, and high-pressure work culture that leads to employee burnout. Now that companies are choosing to keep their remote work setup, people are expecting things to deviate from the traditional setup. This includes having a  positive work from home culture that will help boost their employees’ productivity.

According to research about positive organizational psychology, having a strict and cut-throat environment in an office affects the work quality of employees. Meanwhile, a more positive workplace may lead to dramatic benefits for the company and its employees. But, what are the best ways to implement a fun and positive work from home culture and what impact should you expect from it? Read on to find out more about that.

What are the benefits of instilling a positive work from home culture?

The benefits of instilling fun and positive work from home culture are many and far-reaching—from increasing the satisfaction of workers to improving your company’s overall performance.  We’ve narrowed down the top benefits and the impact for your company.

It encourages happy remote employees.

A positive work culture increases employee happiness. Happy employees are more productive than unhappy ones, and they also tend to be friendly, collaborative, and proactive about doing their part in an organization. Moreover, they are enthusiastic about their roles especially during meetings or presentations which can lead to better team dynamics.

They develop closer connections with co-workers.

A positive and fun work from home culture enhances peer relationships because happy workers tend to be less competitive with each other. This doesn't mean that you should stop measuring your performance or encouraging your employees to do better; it simply means that creating a positive work culture will stop them from becoming too focused on winning while forgetting what's best for the company as a whole.

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It encourages greater collaboration among employees.

Moreover, a positive work environment fosters cohesiveness between workers, because happy people are more likely to bond with one another outside of work. This is actually beneficial for your company as it helps create a sense of community which can lead to increased productivity within the office itself.

It boosts creativity.

Having an open-minded workplace environment allows employees to express their ideas freely without fear of ridicule. Creativity sparks new ways of doing things, especially when it comes to problem-solving. It can also help raise awareness about various solutions that you might have missed out on before due to limiting your thinking process. 

To put it simply, a fun and positive work from home culture help employees become more innovative. Happy workers can think out of the box, and they use their artistic way of thinking to find practical solutions for everyday challenges.

It helps improve your employees' performance.

A positive work culture encourages productivity and punctuality by minimizing distractions and discouraging workplace politics and gossip. For instance, providing a fun daily break time can boost productivity during working hours, while promoting an open-door policy gives more avenues for discussing management concerns. They're more aware of company goals.

A positive work environment allows happier employees to focus on what's best for the company rather than focusing on securing job positions or winning favor from their bosses. Employees are less likely to show lackluster effort in achieving their jobs which translates to improved overall production in the long run.

What are the best ways to promote a fun and positive work from home culture?

Every year, more organizations are beginning to see how culture can impact productivity while making employees happier at their jobs.

If you want to increase productivity while making employees happier at their jobs (and yourself too), here are the steps you can take toward creating more fun and positive work-from-home culture.

Promote a fun and positive work-from-home culture by recognizing achievements.

One of the most exciting things that remote employees can look up to is celebrations and what better time to celebrate than when an employee has an accomplishment? For example, you can set a virtual party with teams that go far and beyond their quarterly or annual key point indicator. Ask the human resources team to have foods and drinks delivered to your employees before the meeting to add more “party feels” to it.

If you want a simpler option, commend your employees on their achievements in meetings or post a congratulatory certificate, graphics, or video on your social media groups or page. They will also appreciate small gifts and bonuses.

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Conduct icebreakers for new remote employees.

New employees can feel intimidated when they come into a new company--especially if they are working from their house alone. By creating icebreakers for new employees, you can help them get used to their surroundings quickly so they can focus on actually doing fun work instead of feeling like they are a fish out of water.

Bring your fun into remote work meetings!

This can be as simple as playing music whenever the last speaker ends or having snacks delivered for your employees. It can also be having exciting contests during or after meetings. Although it may not seem productive to have contests, you will see an increase in productivity since your employees will feel happier and more motivated around each other.

One great example of a fun contest is a "fun fact" contest where people take turns answering questions about fun facts from within their department. You can also have a "notes" contest where employees vie for the number one spot by writing funny notes on your virtual workplace or group chat that everyone gets to read aloud at the end of the meeting.

Give employees time off during special days.

The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are fun holidays for many people, but there are other events everyone can get excited about. For example, give your employees a special leave for times like birthdays or even their own wedding anniversary! Promoting a culture where employees feel seen, and acknowledging their personal life is also a great way to make them feel valued.

Host fun activities with clients.

Do you work in a large organization? If so, chances are you probably have big clients as well. They might even be fun to hang out with on occasion! Why not plan a bowling date with your biggest client once every year at their birthday or during the end of tax season? Your relationship will be fun and cordial if you do this and it may even result in more business at the end of the year.

Encourage remote employees to open up to you.

A positive work-from-home culture is made possible because the employees can connect with their bosses and colleagues on a personal level. If you want a culture that is positive, fun, and impactful, be sure that you are making time to engage your employees in a conversation and truly listen.  This way, they can open up to you about their ideas, their aspirations, fun stuff, or events that they want to do outside of the office.

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Throw an end-of-the-year party!

As mentioned above, employees love celebrations, and to celebrate a whole year of progress and success, you can throw a virtual end-of-the-year party for everyone. Set a virtual meeting date with fun themes and ask your employees to dress up. Of course, food delivery is the key to making it even more fun.

On the other hand, some companies urge their remote employees living near each other to get together. Even if the owner is not available to visit them physically, it is still fun to see some of your team members getting along with each other personally.

Improve your team engagement with EOR services

If you want to increase productivity, have a fun and positive work from home culture! It doesn't have to be complicated and over-the-top. Just changing the vibe of your virtual meetings into a lighter tone or doing some simple yet fun activities, can dramatically improve your work culture.

Improve your team engagement by having a company culture that promotes positivity, fun, collaboration, and personal growth. You can do this by getting EOR services. Remotify is an EOR company that offers a special I.N.S.P.I.R.E employee onboarding that helps improve your work culture.

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