Women Leaders at the Helm: Remotify leverages top talent for National Insurance Housing

May 22, 2023
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Employees are one of the most important assets of any company. 

It’s crucial to attract the right people to ensure that your organisation works efficiently and that you provide high-quality products and services to your customers.

For Cinda Rodewald, the President and COO of National Insurance Housing, this is essential to her role in the organisation’s success.

“My day-to-day role is to make sure that I run a successful financial company as well as a great company for our team members. We want to make a great environment for our team because we believe that happy team members make happy customers,” shared Cinda.

National Insurance Housing specialises in providing temporary housing for the insurance industry, and its team of professionally trained associates and industry experts have years of experience in handling insurance claims as well as offering high-quality service. 

National Insurance Housing is dedicated to giving a full range of options for each housing request — be it furnished or unfurnished accommodations, catastrophe services, furniture rentals or hotel booking.

The importance of women in leadership roles 

As a leader in her field, it was important to know Cinda’s thoughts on the representation of women in leadership roles.

“I think women have certain soft skills that are a driving force in many businesses to this day. Women bring a certain depth of self-awareness to a company and I want to be a part of grooming women today in becoming leaders for tomorrow by helping them hone their communication skills, conflict management, empathy and integrity,” Cinda said.

According to the World Economic Forum, while the overall number of women in top business roles is still low, with only 5% of CEOs of major corporations in the USA being women, the number of women in senior leadership positions has grown since 2015. For example, at the C-suite level, the representation of women has increased from 17% to 21%.

The World Economic Forum emphasises that the new service economy doesn’t necessarily rely on physical strength, but rather skills that come easily to women, such as attention to detail, measured thinking, long-term strategic vision and community building. This bodes well for the future of businesses as well as for emerging women business leaders.

This is demonstrated in the genuine connection and kinship between Cinda and Remotify’s CEO and Founder, Maria Sucgang, as they share the same leadership values and qualities.

“From a leadership standpoint, I was very impressed with Remotify’s culture. Maria has many leadership traits that I embody so I was excited to work with her. They’re committed to the excellence of bringing forth a great team member from their end to marry it to our end. So it’s been a fantastic collaboration,” Cinda said.

The impact of women leaders in National Insurance Housing

The innate skills in which women excel — such as communication skills, conflict management, attention to detail, measure thinking and community building — align perfectly with the services that National Insurance Housing provides.

By increasing women's representation in the organisation, and empowering women to take on leadership roles, National Insurance Housing can provide exceptional services to its clients while creating a diverse and thriving team.

“I was a little bit at an advantage because the temporary housing space and insurance space already have a lot of women leaders. So the industry has lent itself to women being in leadership positions. Our challenge is to make sure that we constantly diversify and make sure we have the best team members,” shared Cinda.

Having women in leadership increases ethical decision-making and community-driven thinking, reinforcing your organisational values and positively impacting your staff and clients.

National Insurance Housing's culture and values align with Remotify’s brand

This is not Remotify’s first partnership with the National brand. Remotify also has an ongoing relationship with Tom Meertens and his regional team at National Corporate Housing, which is the parent company of National Insurance Housing.

“I was talking to Tom Meertens, the COO of our international division, and he explained to me the positive experience he had with Remotify. He told me that I should at least talk to Maria and Erwin just to get a feel of whether this is something I’d be interested in. I think he brought it up with me because I’m always the type of person to try something new. So I called Maria and Erwin and it was a great success,” Cinda said.

Remotify’s human approach and vision-mission, in being a great organisation for all, aligns with the National branding’s commitment to providing great service to its clients and great working experience to its staff.

“At first I just wanted a conversation, but when I spoke to Erwin, I loved what Remotify was all about. It felt like they were a great partner who shared the same type of values we had. Working with Remotify in the pilot program, I felt like I was one step ahead of my competition. Not only did I have people supporting me in Manila, but I also had a team doing the legwork in the onboarding process,” Cinda said.

Leveraging top talent to increase National Insurance Housing’s competitive advantage

Remotify’s services have enabled Cinda to increase efficiency and productivity in her company, giving National Insurance Housing a competitive edge.

“Remotify has helped us round out our outsourcing efforts. We have a diverse team that’s working together better than ever, coming together with different ideas. I love that the team works in different shifts, it enables us to continue our business around the clock. We have been able to impact our P&L, we’re more profitable since partnering with Remotify. Because they’re bringing in such quality individuals, we’ve been able to limit the number of new hires.”

Outsourcing in the Philippines is one of the most cost-effective ways of growing your team efficiently, allowing you to access top talent at more affordable labour costs. Partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) such as Remotify ensures that you stay compliant with local labour laws while ensuring that everything HR-related is taken care of.

“I’d love to see other divisions at National jump on board. After Tom Meertens started this process, other division leaders are considering Remotify. I would love to continue growing my team in Manila and I would love to continue sharing my story so that others can benefit in our industry globally. It’s important for us to look at this as another resource,” Cinda advised.

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