"A Workplace For All” What Does It Mean and How Can You Be One?

March 9, 2023
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For anyone that’s been keeping up with this newsletter, you’ll know we’re all about practising what you preach when it comes to being a good workplace, whether that’s company culture or your impact on the planet. In the same vein, we believe that being a diverse and inclusive workplace that works for everyone - no matter who you are or what your background is - is much more than a tick-box exercise. It takes real effort, education and commitment. 

Being a true “workplace for all” means nailing a myriad of factors. It means hiring from a diverse range of people, backgrounds and skill sets. It means being sensitive to and catering for people’s mental and physical needs. It means making an effort to treat employees fairly and - above all - kindly. 

But the above can fall into blue sky thinking if you don’t take practical steps to ensure it’s happening. If in doubt, try these…

Invest in Training     

Sometimes we forget that, no matter how great our intentions are, we’re not born with an understanding of other people’s cultures and backgrounds. We have to learn about them, like everything else! As such, things like cultural awareness training or anti-racism training are becoming increasingly popular, giving both employees and leaders a better understanding of unconscious biases and how different cultures like to work. The result? A more understanding, culturally engaged workplace that makes everyone feel welcome. 

Create an Open Dialogue 

Of course, as a business leader, the only way you’ll truly know how content your employees are is…by asking! In making time for regular 1-2-1 sessions with your employees (no matter what level they are or what country they work out of) you can better understand how they feel about your company culture. Similarly, creating regular anonymous feedback questionnaires can help uncover any potential issues that people may be afraid to raise face to face. 

Focus on Quality of Life

The days of “The Work Family” are dwindling. The fact is, employees have their own families, and they’d like to see them from time to time! To be a great workplace, you need to ensure people are clocking in and out at reasonable times. You need to make sure people aren’t giving their whole life to their job, whether that’s working late or through long commutes. You need to ensure people are allowed to take leave—both for pleasure and when things get tough. Basically, treat employees as though they are your friends. Because, if you’re a good leader, that’s what they should be. 

At Remotify, we’re thrilled to have been certified as a Great Place to Work ®️™️, with 91% of our employees saying that working for Remotify is great. Our company was born out of the idea that people should be able to maintain an excellent quality of life in the working world. Not only do we afford our clients and partners the freedom to work remotely (proven to boost mental health) but we also endeavour to do everything with a “For All”  mentality at its core. 

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